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Memphis VA Van Serving Alcorn County
Memphis, TN VA Hospital

The van it is owned by the Memphis VA hospital and most of these requirements are set by the hospital.

  • At this time the van goes to Memphis VA hospital ONLY and runs every Tuesday and Thursdays each week unless they fall on a holiday.
  • The veteran must have a scheduled appointment at the Memphis VA hospital. We ask they try to schedule their appointments between 0900 and 1200.
  • The van leaves according to the first scheduled riders appointment and will receive a call from Jim Bynum the day before to let them know what time to be at the court house.
  • Veterans must call as soon as they can to get their name on the van list and have their information available. Appointment time, their phone number, last 4 SSN and what clinic they are going to.
  • All of our drivers are volunteers so there are times when we do not have a driver and may have to cancel. We contact the Veteran as soon as we find out that we are unable to get a volunteer driver.
  • The volunteer drivers have to go through a class, have a valid driver’s license, a physical, and have a clean local background check.
  • Veterans only are allowed to ride the van no families. For special needs veterans ex. wheelchair bound or needs extreme assistance, a prior approval can be requested through the Memphis VA transportation department.

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