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ALCORN COUNTY Election Commissioners

Your Election Commissioners get their mail thru the:
Circuit Clerks office,
P.O. Box 430
Corinth, MS 38835-0430

Phone calls can also be directed to the Circuit office at

Meet your Election Commissioners

Bobby McDaniels
D1 Bobby McDaniels
Election Commisioners
D2 John Peebles
Election Commisioners
D3 Kim Ratliff
Election Commisioners
D4 Keith Conway
Election Commisioners
D5 Wendell Dixon

Duties and Responsibilities

The Alcorn County Election Commission is made up of five members, each representing one of the five supervisor districts in the county. The members are elected to four-year terms.

Duties of the commission include managing all aspects of general and special elections in the county, maintaining an up to-date list of registered voters, hiring and training poll workers, and assisting in the resolution of election challenges.

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